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  • Consultation: Compost (thermal, static, aerated static), Actively Aerated Compost Tea, Vermicompost, Microscopy, Soil remediation

  • Compost Tea sprays: residential, commercial, and agricultural

  • Root Injection: compost tea tree root injection for increased fertility and disease remediation/protection.

  • Roots Injection with Mycorrhizal Spores: our regular compost tea root injection with added mycorrhizal spores for even better nutrient uptake and enhanced protection through mycorrhizal fungi

  • On-site brewing: for large-scale agricultural applications

  • Microscopy: Qualitative assessment of microorganisms for soil, compost, or compost tea (Soil Food Web)


  • Compost Tea Brew Kits (5gal)

    • Includes brew bag, foods for microbes, and 3 types of high biology compost

  • Compost Tea by the gallon

  • Small-batch compost with enhanced biology

    *Please contact for pricing


Please contact us for pricing.