Compost Tea

It all starts with compost

          Compost is a product of the decomposition of a mixture of organic matter such as leaves, stalks, and plant debris. It provides plants with nutrients and improves soil structure.

And compost tea?

          Compost tea is for plants, NOT people. Compost tea is essentially a liquid form of compost. It is called "TEA" because it is brewed like a pot of tea. Compost is placed in a mesh bag and agitated in water. Foods are added to the brew, encouraging the microbes to reproduce and multiply their populations. Compost tea is more efficient than compost itself.  Tea uses minimal compost while being less costly and easier to apply, saving time, labor, and materials.

Why Choose compost tea?

          The most nutrients in the soil are held in  microorganisms. The essence of compost and compost tea are the microorganisms they contain. These microbes form symbiotic relationships with plants,  break down organic matter, and cycle the nutrients into a form the plants can uptake. The microbes also provide a protective barrier on the foliage and roots to shield against disease and pathogens.

        A teaspoon of healthy soil contains close to a billion bacteria, many yards of fungi, and thousands of protozoa and nematodes. Compost tea brings this life back to the soil where it may have been lost due to tillage, chemical use, or compaction. Compost tea uses life and living organisms to help plants to thrive, rather than toxic chemicals which harm all life forms.

     Compost tea is THE most natural fertilizer. The safest choice for kids and pets!