Compost tea is a liquid form of compost that provides fertility to plants & soils.  Optimal for landscapes, lawns, gardens, and farms.


The essence of compost tea is the microorganisms it contains.  These tiny beings provide plants with a steady flow of nutrients, help ward against diseases and pests, and increase drought resistance by improving soil structure. That means greener grass and flourishing plants for you, even during those summer dry spells.

Compost tea is the most natural alternative to chemical fertilizers.  A healthier choice for your landscape, lawn, farm, family, and the planet.  Owner Troy Hinke has over seven years of professional experience as a compost and compost tea specialist with a focus on the Soil Food Web and soil microbiology. We produce our own compost and use only high-quality, organic materials.  

With our portable sprayer, we are able to come to any location within the Nashville to Clarksville area and spray compost tea on any type of plant from grass to roses to trees. We consult with growers and composters nation wide. We also offer tea by the gallon, small-batch high-biology compost, and more.  Please contact us for a free compost tea spray estimate. 


How It Works

What is compost tea and how does it work?

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